From destruction can come creation and beauty.

Alexandrea Anissa Valentine Lingerie Set
Custom Valentine Underwire Bra x Valentine Garter Skirt x Valentine String Bikini

Alexandrea Anissa’s owner and designer Vanessa Villarreal knows this all too well. Following a very rough period in her life, Villarreal found herself channeling her emotions through her most loved medium - fashion and design. A graduate of Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising San Francisco, Villarreal has crafted garments and accessories for years. However, it was her launch of Alexandrea Anissa in 2013 that helped her vision come into focus. Past struggles have since transformed into a source of powerful and positive creativity. Through her own battles, Villarreal’s goal, above all, is to help women feel beautiful, sexy, daring, strong and confident - to take the things that hurt and turn them into lovely treasures that other girls can cherish for years to come.

Alexandrea Anissa French Maid Choker
French Maid Choker


At the end of the day, Alexandrea Anissa is more than just a small business. It’s a dreamy as fuck brand, a lifestyle and a journey of self-discovery for the designer herself. Operating behind the design philosophy; “What is hidden is more interesting than what is obvious,” Vanessa Villarreal gets intimate with her followers sharing a series of short stories from her past through photographs of herself in lingerie.

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Alexandrea Anissa Valentine Garter Skirt
Valentine Garter Skirt x Valentine String Bikini


Through a journey of self discovery, Vanessa Villarreal’s mission is to empower babes all around the world by helping them transform past struggles into dreamy treasures they can cherish for years to come. From topics no one really talks about to step-by-step tutorials and lingerie guides, Villarreal steps out in front of her designs and dreamy imagery to show you how to live the complete Alexandrea Anissa lifestyle.

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