The only way I can improve my designs is if I hear from you. Your opinion counts and I'd love to hear it! Let me know what you loved most about your Alexandrea Anissa purchases or what I can improve on by leaving a product review for each of your dreamy purchases. If you’re a Babe Clubs Reward Program member, you can earn 100 points per product review. You can also browse my 150+ customer reviews below, and read what babes love most about their Alexandrea Anissa purchases. 

   Helene on Velvet Lingerie Set - Lilac ♡ November 4th, 2020   

***** Looove this set!! It is so comfy and sexy! Love the color! Seriously so well made and great service! 💜💜 I am so gonna buy this set in more colors.

   Sarah on Josie Shorts ♡ September 17th, 2020   

***** I am absolutely in love with the quality, comfort, and feel of the sexy dark purple velvet Josie Shorties I just got. They are so flirty and divine to wear around my home. I feel lavish wearing these babies. Queen frequency on high demand. Thank you!!!!!! Forever grateful for Alexandrea’s lingerie.

   Lexie on Scrunchie ♡ September 16th, 2020   

***** This scrunchie is the best I own. It is strong enough that my hair stayed up during a whole work out session and the velvet is just beautiful.

   Lexie on Sasha Bra ♡ September 16th, 2020   

***** I am so happy I got this bra. The fishnet material is so much softer than I expected. This bra is super comfortable, I could wear it all day if I wanted to. Everything is so well made and stunning. I got custom sizing and Vanessa was amazing to work with.

   Sarah on Alexandrea Anissa’s Work ♡ September 14th, 2020   

*****  Alexandrea’s work / lingerie / scrunchies are straight magic!!! I’m a sucker for velvet and female run businesses in these patriarchal times. Alexandrea’s handmade goodies infuse cozy, sexy, and feminine vibes into everyday style. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the quality and color variety in my growing collection from Alexandrea Anissa. The velvet Scrunchies have my 90’s baby self feelin cute and beautiful. I have the babu blue, lilac velvet, yellow and the red heart scrunchies. Best. Quality. Ever. I’ve been ordering since following her on Instagram in early 2020 ; back when she did a collab with other female boss babes like Moldie Golides. Gotta crush the patriarchy. I’m blessed to wear these handmade goodies by such a boss babe, Alexandrea. Thanks so much. Xoxoxo from Denver.  


   Camille on Velvet Lingerie Set - Baby Blue ♡ September 12th, 2020   

***** Buy it for yourself, buy it for your partner. Or both! It’s so soft and unlike any other lingerie I’ve ever worn. I’m a 34G and thought I’d never be able to wear anything like this without immediately flopping out of it. The stretch velvet has enough give to be comfortable but enough structure to hold in the ladies. Every detail is so sweet!

   Camille on Sabrina Bra - Mesh ♡ September 12th, 2020   

***** Like the title says, super soft, really comfortable, very sexy, and I just want to wear it all time!

   Camille on Ramona Harness ♡ September 12th, 2020   

***** I just feel ridiculously sexy in this piece! It’s so simple and changes a look entirely. The little adjusters are very visible whichI couldn’t tell from the photos, but I love that soft semi-industrial function over form paired with other softer pieces. Plus the little perfectly placed bow! Genius.

   Olly on Lingerie Keychain  June 1st, 2020   

***** Cute gift idea to share you love for your favorite boutique.

   Olly on Scrunchie  June 1st, 2020   
***** I have really thick hair and this really holds it up. Velvet is the best for my hair. Pain free and doesn’t mess up my curls. Cotton Candy is beautiful.

   Olly on Lingerie Keychain ♡ June 1st, 2020   

*****Alexandrea Anissa goes where I go. The photos are good quality such a sweet idea.

   Evanstar on Scrunchie ♡ May 31st, 2020   

***** These are soooo cute and actually work well with thick hair. I highly suggest you order at least one velvet one and another one! I have ordered these twice now. Babes supporting babes.

   E on Fawn Lace Lingerie Set - White ♡ May 26th, 2020   

***** I received my order of this today, and I love it so much! I love that this comes with the thigh highs; it really adds to the set! I greatly appreciate picking different sizes for the top and bottom pieces. I can't wait to wear this for a photoshoot, or even just for my partner <3 Or even myself! Highly recommend this! 

   Ashley on Fawn Lace Bralette ♡ April 10th, 2020   

***** I was super excited to receive this brallette and be able to try it on! It is beautiful and it is comfortable! You can tell the amount of time and talent that was put into the making of this brallette. For sure will buy more products in the future! 

   E on Valentine High Waist Panty ♡ April 10th, 2020   

***** This panty is so beautiful, at first I was scared it was too big, but once I tried it on it fit perfectly!! I love the design and how it feels on me. I felt so much sexier than I have been feeling these past couple of weeks. I love it!

   Bri on Ramona Harness ♡ November 19th, 2019   

***** How can something so simple and delicate be so damn sexy?!. I got this piece yesterday and I cant wait to wear it under everything. Love it!

   Macabre on Velvet Lingerie Set ♡ November 19th, 2019   

***** So the set is incredible, fits well. The top is a large, I'm a 36G in bra size, about 42 inches in the bust and my biceps are a bit chonky but the top fits perfectttt. the thong is a XL and fits also perfect. My hips are about 43, and waist is 34. The velvet feels so soft and luxurious and not cheap. This is a perfect lounge set for when you don't want to wear a real bra but want to feel like a hot goth cam girl with something that moderately holds your boobs. I hope they come out with a red velvet or purple velvet or even green. I NEED THEM ALL.

   Taylor on Devil Babe Mesh Bodysuit ♡ November 17th, 2019   

***** This body suit is so soft and wonderful and ridiculously good looking on!! Y'all need to buy this!!! I'm 4'9, 125lbs, and got a medium and it fit like a glove.

   Joanna on Ramona Bralette - Floral ♡ November 9th, 2019   

***** This is my favorite bralette! Fabric is dreamy soft. I never fit in bralettes at the store because the cups are usually not big enough for my 32 chest but custom ordered this in a small with medium cups and it fit perfect. Love that I can get stuff that actually fits here and is sexy!

   Joanna on Velvet Lingerie Set ♡ November 9th, 2019   

***** The velvet sets are one of my favorites. I hang out in this around the house all the time and feel super cute and comfy. What's better is that I can custom order the arms in a larger size to have looser elastic, which is usually my issue with styles around the arms like this. Custom ordered a small top with medium arms and it was perfect!

   Joanna on Fawn Lace Skirted Thong ♡ November 9th, 2019   

***** This is a super flirty and cute thong. It goes well with almost any lingerie top and gives the hips a nice flare!

   Joanna on Fishnet Lingerie Set ♡ November 9th, 2019   

***** The off the shoulder fit is super flattering and adorable and the quality of the fishnet is to die for. Absolutely obsessed with all the fishnet pieces!

   Joanna on Fishnet Crop Top ♡ November 9th, 2019   

***** The fishnet line is super sexy and high quality. I have never felt fishnet this soft before! Ordered this in black and then just had to get it custom ordered in red with black elastic. WOW!!!!!

   Joanna on Ramona Harness Lingerie Set ♡ November 9th, 2019   

***** I originally got this full set in black and loved it so much, I just had to custom order it in red as well for the holidays. The pieces mix and match with so many things and is super adjustable, so it's always a perfect fit. Super comfy and superrrr sexy, highly recommend.

   Joy on Fishnet Lingerie Set ♡ November 6th, 2019   

***** I got my package so quickly with amazing updates! When it arrived I slipped into each thoughtfully made piece. Feeling the fibers and beautiful mesh. Wearing this look made me feel like the best version of myself. Receiving this selfie gift made my week!

   Mimi on Velvet Lingerie Set ♡ August 4th, 2019   

***** I bought two sets of velvet lingerie, one pink blush and the other in black! Omg they are not only the most beautiful sets but also make you feel absolutely stunning! My partner had to tell me to get more.. I definitely won’t be buying lingerie anywhere else.. I tell everyone I know to check out Alexandrea Anissa Lingerie.

   Khadijah on Velvet Lingerie Set ♡ July 19th, 2019   

***** I love love love this set! I’m a 34H and got a large top and it fits like a dream. The velvet is so soft and my boobs look so cute and the shoulder action is everything. The thong is so comfortable! I’m not one to wear them but this one is comfortable and I like how I can wear it low on my hips or pull it up a bit over my hips for a higher leg look. Super in love.

   Makaya on Velvet Lingerie Set ♡ July 18th, 2019   

***** I absolutely love the lingerie from Alexandrea Anissa! Vanessa's craftsmanship is amazing. Her lingerie is clearly made with care and consideration for every body type, I promise that whatever you get will be worth every penny!

   Alyssa on Valentine Garter Skirt ♡ June 19th, 2019   

***** I’m a bigger gal and I wear this high waisted but you can wear it however. The garter skirt is beautiful it’s perfect to go under your dress so you can feel extra sexy in public it drives my lover crazy. You can pair this skirt with any set honestly. I don’t want to take it off. Can’t wait to buy more stuff in the future.

   Alyssa on Valentine Bralette ♡ June 19th, 2019   

***** Bought the whole set, it’s super cute. Totally worth it. I was hesitate with me having fat rolls and all but I look amazing and feel sexy. Highly recommend buying the garter skirt too.

   Alyssa on Valentine String Bikini ♡ June 19th, 2019   

***** I’m obsessed with these. I love them, my lover loves them. It gives me so much confidence in my body I love it.

   Melanie on Fishnet Lingerie Set ♡ April 21st, 2019   

***** Everything about this set makes me feel so sexy and I didn’t want to take it off. The material and sizing was so comfy and the perfect snug fit. The packaging and sweet note were adorable and I can’t wait to order again.

   Raegan on Fishnet Lingerie Set ♡ April 4th, 2019   

***** First of all, the bag my set was nicely folded in is absolutely adorable! It came in matching fishnet set & I knew it was made with love. I feel amazing in matching set & was ready to show it off. Also so far seems very durable!

   Chloë M on Valentine Bralette ♡ April 17th, 2018   

***** I love this bralette so much, it’s comfortable and makes me feel like a sex kitten! Vanessa was great about fixing a minor issue and will be getting more orders from me in the future!

   Rebecca on Crimson Lace Bra + Crimson High Waist Lace Panty ♡ April 16th, 2018   

***** I love my Crimson high waisted panty and bralette set. I've always kept my distance from bralettes because I wasn't sure they had the horsepower to get me through a full workday. But this one is so comfy, I feel professional at work and I don't even take it off when I get home. The panty is gorgeous. It's demure in the front and cheeky from behind. I love this set!

   Justine on Limited Edition Choker ♡ April 3rd, 2018   

***** This limited edition choker is beautiful. Material is very comfortable and you can adjust the choker. It is perfect to wear with any outfit.

   Elizabeth on Fawn Lace Lingerie Set ♡ February 19th, 2018   

***** I worked with Vanessa to order a custom fit for the bra in this set because I am a 32DD. The order took a bit longer since it was made-to-order, but the piece arrived fitting reasonably well. I would highly recommend if you have a bigger bust to get a custom fit. Vanessa is really great to work with and will make sure everything fits. Also - if you are in between sizes, definitely size up.

Just a note on the style of this balconette style - the middle of the underwire cups tends to pull away from the ribcage for this design, which can look ill fitting even if the bra is the right size, especially when leaning/bending forward. Perhaps it’s based on the cups being all lace and having little structure. It seems like this is simply how the bra sits, as it is the same in all of the model pictures shown above.

Looking forward to trying different styles in the future.

   Stella on Lilith Full Cup Bra ♡ January 29th, 2018   

***** I’m not always lucky when I purchase lingerie from a brand for the first time, so I was thrilled to discover that this bra fits like a dream! I selected the size (xxs) based on the size chart for the size I typically wear (32A). Love the design, and the fabric is comfortable on my sensitive skin.

   Stella on T-Shirt Shorts PDF Pattern ♡ January 23rd, 2018   

***** I used this pattern twice already. My first was a made out of a sonic youth t shirt and they came out so good!! The pattern comes in so many sizes. The fact that it’s a short, bigger than a panty is good because you can alter the pattern to make other styles instead of building from a small bikini pattern for example. It is very versatile and super fun to make. Watch her tutorials they are great too!

   Jordyn on Bandeau Crimson Mesh Bralette + Crimson High Waist Panty ♡ January 22nd, 2018   

***** This is by far my most favourite set. The bralette fits and looks like a dream. The lace is so delicate and detailed, it’s heaven. The high waisted panties are incredible. They are nice and snug. They definitely compliment every body shape!

   Jordyn on Valentine Bralette + Valentine High Waist Panty ♡ January 22nd, 2018   

***** The detail in the set, the bralette and high panties are a dreamy combo. They fabric compliments you, and the additional strap on the bralette is divine. Everything fits so well. The high waisted panty is also incredible! The fabric is super cheeky, detailed and see-thru. 100% recommend this set.

   Jordyn on Fawn Mesh Panty ♡ January 22nd, 2018   

***** The Fawn mesh panties are gorgeous and give you such an enchanted feeling. I can’t wait to pair this up with a fawn bra! Absolutely kicking myself I never ordered the whole set. The lace detail is also incredible. Vanessa’s whole range is just to die-for!!!

   Jocelyn on Fawn Lace Lingerie Set ♡ January 14th, 2018   

***** I love the red lace fawn set! It's so delicate and detailed, and it fits like a dream! Thanks for spending so much time on every piece you can tell the love you put into your work and I'll definitely be keeping an eye out for more beautiful patterns so I can order again! xo


   Kimberly on Bandeau Bra PDF Pattern ♡ December 13th, 2017   

***** This is the second pattern I’ve got from Alexandria and I absolutely love it! I’m fairly new to patterns and hers are so detailed and easy to follow, I love how she includes sizes xxs-5xl so you can make the perfect custom fit lingerie!

   Haylee on Daisy Jane Lingerie Set ♡ November 19th, 2017   

***** In love thanks again.

   Inian on Crimson Mesh Babydoll ♡ November 6th, 2017   

***** Lovely as always and such good quality! Thank you so much, your shop is one of my all time favorites.

   Emily on Daisy Jane Lingeire Set ♡ November 5th, 2017   

***** Love it. Thank you!

   Inian on Babydoll Mesh Bralette ♡ November 12th, 2017   

***** Perfect, as always! Thank you so much.

   Bri on Fawn Lace Bralette ♡ August 13th, 2017   

***** So pretty! Another amazing piece from this rad lady. <3 Thank you!

   Justine on Rose Zipper Pouch ♡ August 27th, 2017   

***** Good quality and fast shipping. Thank you!

   Inian on Velvet Panty ♡ August 13th, 2017   

***** So cute and wonderfully made! 10/10 would recommend!

   Kyrie on Crimson High Waist Mesh Panty ♡ August 12th, 2017   

***** An adorable and well made piece! I absolutely love it. Shipping was fast, and Alexandrea is always pick to reply and as sweet as can be. Thank you so much!

   Sophie on Fawn Lace Bralette ♡ August 11th, 2017   

***** Absolutely in love with this bralette! It’s so cut and super comfy, definitely my fave! <33

   Daneile on custom Red Mesh Bra ♡ August 10th, 2017   

***** Cute and comfy! Thanks again!

   Daniela on Cassia Bra and Cassia French Knickers ♡ July 25th, 2017   

***** So comfy and cute! The matching knickers are my favorite thing to wear around at home!

   Bree on Ramona Mesh Bralette ♡ July 25th, 2017   

***** I am so in love with Alexandrea Anissa. Not only are the products to-die-for but Vanessa’s customer service is incredible! I am a 34DDD, and as such it was almost impossible for me to find underwire-free bras that were comfortable, supportive, and sexy. I had bought the Ramona Mesh Bra in black in a 2x and was obsessed with it. (I wore it practically everyday!) My boobs truly never looked better! I also have the Ramona halter and loved to pair them together in the bedroom and as a sexy accessory under everyday clothing. Unfortunately, I lost it! I think it somehow got tossed in the shuffle of moving apartments. I was absolutely heartbroken. I have never felt better about my body than I did in that bra and it was so sad to no longer have it. Finally, I gave up the search and contacted Alexandrea Anissa, asking if the bra would ever be restocked or is a custom order was possible. Get this! Vanessa responded almost instantly, super enthusiastic and ready to make me a custom bra! She is so lovely, she even offered me a discount, had me send my measurements to make sure it was absolutely perfect, and gave me lots of color options! I ordered 2 this time, one again in black (because, duh) and another in baby pink to mix it up a little bit. I cannot wait to get my new bras! It is so great and uplifting to speak with someone who is so lovely and cares about their customers. I will definitely be returning for more sexy goodies in the future!

   Ryan on Red Mesh French Knickers ♡ July 20th, 2017   

***** Thanks again!

   Poppy on Crimson Lace Garter Belt ♡ July 20th, 2017   

***** So pretty in person! ty sweetheart make the bestest, loveliest lingerie

   CF on Crimson Mesh Bralette ♡ July 14th, 2017   

***** Speechless <3 thank you love!

   CF on Flora Bralet ♡ July 14th, 2017   

***** Absolutely stunning!

   Jess on High Waist PDF Panty Pattern ♡ July 14th, 2017   

***** This was my first experience sewing lingerie. The pattern was easy to put together. The instructions were simple to read. I was slightly intimidated at first but my first pair of panties came out great! I can't wait to make more! If you live in a smaller town that doesn't have a lot of fabrics to choose from, I highly recommend ordering one of the lingerie sewing kits!

   Haylee on Samantha Bralette + Samantha String Bikini ♡ July 11th, 2017  

***** I love! Although the seller had accidentally sent me the wrong size underwear, they had a elastic waistband so they are able to fit me still! Lovely quality items for sure!!

   Lucie on Velvet Bralette and Velvet Panty ♡ June 20th, 2017   

***** I was very happy to receive my lingerie, it fits perfectly and it is very pleasant to wear. There was a little delay because of an address mistake, but Vanessa was extremely professional and attentive to my concerns. I even had a little compensation gift <3.

   Clara on Crimson Mesh Bralette ♡ June 17th, 2017   

***** The best, as usual. So cute and comfy <3

   Bri on Crimson Mesh Bralette ♡ June 7th, 2017   

***** Received it yesterday in perfect shape and am currently wearing it as I type this review!! It's so freakin soft and fits perfectly! I wish I had snagged the red one! Thank you <3

   Ryan on Ramona Mesh Crop Top ♡ June 6th, 2017   

***** Thanks!! Arrived in no time.

   Jordyn on Tartan Lingerie Set ♡ June 3rd, 2017   

***** I tossed up getting a set custom made. I wasn't sure of the whole process and I was nervous in case it didn't fit. I emailed Vanessa with general questions and your typical annoying worries. She was so kind and made sure everything was all okay, she even helped me with my measurements. After that, I had email updates of when my set was posted. When I received the package everything fit like a glove and I was beyond excited. I was amazed even more by the length and depth of Vanessa's Customer service. She wrote a customised "thank you note" and I was pretty chuffed. So, with all of this in mind and my amazing experience with her company, I kept in touch and later on found another set to purchase a couple of months later. I only received this about a week or two ago. Once again, I was blown away with the detail of the garments and her customer service. I recommend her to everyone I know as I really cannot fault her products and customer service.

   Alyxandra on Tropical Lingerie Set ♡ June 2nd, 2017   

***** I am so so happy with my purchase!! The pieces fit like a dream and are made so beautifully!! All the stitching is spot on and the elastic and fabric are durable yet comfortable. Like I don't feel like it is going rip the first time I wear it. Love the attention to detail! I fully believe in supporting small businesses and it feels so much more special to know that my lingerie was handmade just for me. She was also amazing at communicating with me through the whole process. I will be a return customer.

   Jordyn on Custom Bra and Mesh French Knickers ♡ June 2nd, 2017   

***** I found the set very comfortable and practical. The material itself is high quality and so is the stitching. If you’re unsure about taking a leap and having something custom made for you, do it. You will not regret it. The customer service itself I cannot fault it. I was helped the whole time when it came to my measurements and general questions. This is my second set I’ve purchased and I can tell you now, I’d come back time and time again. Pure magic :sparkles:

   Allie on Fawn Lace Balconette Bra ♡ May 20th, 2017   

***** Quick shipping and sweet seller !! Bra had a bit of a smell but I’m assuming it’ll come off in the wash !! Great buyer <3

   Andrea on Iron Maiden T-Shirt Shorts ♡ May 13th, 2017   

***** Beautiful thank you so much!!!

   Allyse on Hot Pink Dot Mesh Panty ♡ May 13th, 2017   

***** Lovely seller and amazing lingerie


   Gillian on Crimson Lace Bra ♡ May 8th, 2017   

***** Item's so cute and in great condition! Received surprisingly fast considering it was international mail.

   Amy on Rainbow Sequins Bodysuit ♡ April 26th, 2017   

***** One of the most beautiful garments I’ve ever seen! It’s bright, sparkly, just glorious! I can tell so much time and effort was put into making this bodysuit… handmade to perfect. Thank you so much!

   Laura on Catalina Bra ♡ April 15th, 2017   

***** !!!! oh my goodness I never use this word but obsessed is more than accurate!! gosh the material feels so comfortable and flattering, I already adored the pattern and it hugs my body in all the right ways, very well made quality. I greatly appreciate the quick responses, quick shipping and genuine kindness, best of luck with your business and hoping to purchase more in the near future!


   Molly on French Maid Lingerie Set ♡ April 6th, 2017   

***** This is by far my favorite purchase EVER!! It's super cute, actually comfy and makes you feel like a fucking queen. I wore this for my boyfriend on Valentine's Day and he absolutely loved it! I swear this outfit transformed me into some badass maid babe haha. 


   Hannah on Velvet Panty ♡ March 18th, 2017   

***** <3 Love everything so much! Super sweet seller too :) .

   Leigh on Crimson Lace Balconette Bra ♡ March 16th, 2017   

***** Lovely bra that fits beautifully. Shipped the same day!


   Meghan on Flora Bralet ♡ March 1st, 2017   

***** Seller was wonderful to work with! Things came in a timely manner with a handwritten note. Already bought another product from her. 

   Meghan on Catalina Bralette ♡ March 1st, 2017   

***** Seller was wonderful to work with! Things came in a timely manner with a handwritten note. Already bought another product from her. 

   Meghan on Ramona Bra - Floral ♡ March 1st, 2017   

***** Seller was wonderful to work with! Things came in a timely manner with a handwritten note. Already bought another product from her. 

   Celine on French Maid Ouvert Thong ♡ February 28th, 2017   

***** Perfect, very fast shipping and super cute lingerie.

   Celine on French Maid Bra ♡ February 27th, 2017   

***** Perfect, very fast shipping and super cute lingerie.

   Dania on Lilac Floral Bralette ♡ February 27th, 2017   

***** Quick and secure shipping, love it! thanks.

   Gabi on French Maid Lingerie Set ♡ January 19th, 2017   

***** What can I say about this set? It's sexy, comfortable, affordable, customizable, and a winner in any bedroom! I love how tasteful this set is as well as the attention to details. The garter clips on the apron was a very nice touch. I love the addition of red bows to give the outfit a little extra oopfh - as if it needed it! One thing that every girl shopping here should know! Do not be afraid to contact Vanessa to ask her if she can make a custom size! I'm a 5x but the size isn't always marked as available for every product. Most of the time, she can customize and make it for you! So, do not get discouraged or feel limited. Vanessa is an amazing person to work with and she just wants you to walk away with a product you're happy with!

   Gabi on Fawn Lace Bralette ♡ January 19th, 2017   

***** This was the first bra I ever bought on this website and, let me tell you, I never looked back. This bra is so beautiful and comfortable. The lace ruffles are in just the right spots - I have rolls right my rib cage and this hides them :) The little details are to die for and who can argue with the wide array of sizing. As a big girl, I strongly suggest that everyone send Vanessa your measurements. She is so flexible and helpful - she can customer size everything for you to ensure the perfect fit!

   Gabi on Valentine String Bikini ♡ January 19th, 2017   

***** Long story short, I impulse bought this set because I love hearts and black lingerie. The only major thing worth noting about this set is that the bra doesn't provide much support because it's more of a decorative piece (I knew that upon purchase). I'm absolutely head over heels in love with this set. It is so comfortable and beautiful. I feel so sexy just wearing it under my clothes. I'm a bigger girl so it's always hard to find sexy AND comfortable lingerie. Vanessa is an absolute dream to work with. I strongly suggest that everyone send her your measurements because, she can literally make anything fit you like a glove. She is extremely receptive to feedback and can make changes to the construction of each garment to better suit your needs. The price may seem steep but trust me - it is soooo worth it!

   Gabi on Valentine Bralette ♡ January 19th, 2017   

***** Long story short, I impulse bought this set because I love hearts and black lingerie. The only major thing worth noting about this set is that the bra doesn't provide much support because it's more of a decorative piece (I knew that upon purchase). I'm absolutely head over heels in love with this set. It is so comfortable and beautiful. I feel so sexy just wearing it under my clothes. I'm a bigger girl so it's always hard to find sexy AND comfortable lingerie. Vanessa is an absolute dream to work with. I strongly suggest that everyone send her your measurements because, she can literally make anything fit you like a glove. She is extremely receptive to feedback and can make changes to the construction of each garment to better suit your needs. The price may seem steep but trust me - it is soooo worth it!

   Brianna on Valentine Bralette ♡ November 27th, 2016   

***** First of all, I absolutely adore everything about this brand. Second this bralette fit absolutely perfect and is sexy& very cute to wear out under tops as well!! This and the underwear for this was my second purchase from here and I am not disappointed. :)

   Victoria on Crimson Mesh Babydoll ♡ November 25th, 2016   

***** I purchased this in black a little while ago in the hopes of wearing it at a lingerie party. I didn't think this would become such a staple piece in my wardrobe, from halloween to, baby showers, to concerts. I feel so confident in this piece and it's so well made! I'm a 34 A and don't have a lot to fill out, but do have wider hips and am a little self conscious so i ordered it in a large and it fits perfectly. The back strap is adjustable, and it's easy to wear a bra underneath when wearing out. I was afraid that my small chest wouldn't look good in it, but it looks amazing! More importantly, Alexandrea is such a sweet and kind babe! Best customer service ever! And she looks at all her tags. I know it may be a bit pricy, but you're definitely getting what you paid for. I highly recommend.

   Avalon on Fawn Lace Lingerie Set ♡ November 23rd, 2016   

***** I fell in love with this set the moment I put this set on. You can really tell the love and hardwork Vanessa put into designing these garments. The bra boosts enough to give a little cleavage, even without padding, and the garter belt is my absolute favorite part. It's super flattering all around. I can't wait to finally shoot in my pink set!

   Michelle on Ivory Lace Full Cup Bra ♡ November 11th, 2016   

***** The ivory lace full cup. Oh, what to say. I sigh it's so beautiful. I'm surprised I snagged this before it was gone. I'm not a big fan of white lingerie but somehow this bra changes that. The ivory gives this a bit of a vintage feel. The lace trim at the bottom looks so delicate and sweet!

   Michelle on Crimson Lace String Thong ♡ November 11th, 2016   

***** The crimson lace string thong is the cutest! I feel great wearing these throughout the day. The lace is soft and the fit is perfect. You know when your day is so much better knowing you have the cutest panties on underneath your clothes? These do that for me, hahah! I need them in every color.

   Michelle on Dottie Lingerie Set ♡ October 25th, 2016   

***** What a beautiful set. It's just as dreamy in person as it is in pictures. Because it includes a soft cup bra, I was unsure of how it would fit on me. I wear a 34b. Generally I have to buy down a size with soft cup bras because my boobs won't fill the cups completely. Not the case here! The whole set fits completely true to size. The bra doesn't give me much lift which is expected with a soft cup but it's made up for with the mesh see through fabric (in other words this won't flatten you out). From the sexy mesh fabric to the playful garter skirt to the placement of the bows on the thong, this set is sure to look amazing on any body type. For any ladies looking for an illusion of an hourglass shape this garter belt will be your best friend because of the way it's designed. The quality is amazing and this will definitely last countless late nights without having to worry about seams falling apart if you catch my drift hehe. Just overall so pleased with my purchase. Will be buying more for sure. 

   Chellsie on Samantha Bralette ♡ October 21st, 2016   

***** I am so in love with this bralette! It has such a romantic print and the material is super soft. I always have issues with bras not fitting because I have a smaller chest, but this fits AMAZING. It can be super sexy or simple and cute. I love how versatile it is. I cannot express enough how beautiful and high quality this bralette is!

   Chellsie on Ramona Harness ♡ October 21st, 2016   

***** I absolutely adore this peice! I have been using it to accessorize daily outfits. It's very comfy and easily wearable for long periods of time. The straps are super soft and the whole peice is adjustable. Also turn into a sexpot by adding it to any lingerie set! This is definetly a gate way peice into The whole line, or anything on the alexandreanissa site!

   Marilyn on Fawn Choker ♡ October 21st, 2016   

***** The second these were released, I knew I had to get my hands on one. They're simple yet beautiful and the perfect accent to any outfit. They're unbelievably comfortable and the best part -- they're adjustable! I have the tendency to accidentally break chokers (too tight, cheap clasps, etc.) like nobody's business and I don't have to worry about that with my fawn choker. Hiiiiighly recommend :)

   Emily on Betsey Mid-Waist Panty ♡ October 17th, 2016   

***** Excellent! Love them so so much <3

   Stephanie on Valentine String Bikini ♡ October 7th, 2016   

***** 2nd favorite of the set next to the bra. followed size chart but panties run a little big in the butt, but I made the rouching tighter and now it cups my booty perfectly! A+ design! 

   Stephanie on Valentine Garter Skirt ♡ October 7th, 2016   

***** Love this the most!! Got XS in waist and it fits great! Keeps my thigh highs up easily.  

   Stephanie on Valentine Bralette ♡ October 7th, 2016   

***** I'm a 32B and the small fit me perfectly. Main band is a little tight, and fabric isn't as soft as I thought, but overall the craftsmanship and design is super cute!! I love wearing it until my normal clothes and have the bows peak out. 

   Hiro on Crimson Lace Balconette Bra ♡ September 23rd, 2016   

***** This bra makes me look lovely and sexy, and still feel comfortable while wearing it. I absolutely love it.

   Molly on Lilith Full Cup Bra ♡ September 22nd, 2016   

***** This is seriously my new favorite bra. I can live in it forever. No joke! I was hesitant to buy it because it's handmade and I thought the sizing would be off but no I was wrong. It fits me beautifully, offers great support and coverage. Just want I needed. Thank you! 

   Molly on Lilith High Waist Panty ♡ September 22nd, 2016   

***** I got these as a gift and I love them! Surprisingly this high waist style is super comfy. These actually sit at the higher end of your waist so that's a plus. I am always so conscious about my tummy so wearing these throughout the day makes me amazing!

   Molly on Baby Blue String Bikini ♡ September 22nd, 2016   

***** These are hands down my favorite panties. They are so dainty and delicate. I feel like a princess in them. The little flowers embroidered on the fabric is so cute too! Happy I got a set before it sold out.

   Molly on the Samantha String Bikini ♡ September 22nd, 2016   

***** These are super comfy and super cute. Was a bit hesitant to make my purchase but I am so glad I did. The photos don't do the fabric justice. It's seriously incredibly soft! I wish there was a cami made in this fabric. 

   Brenda on Fawn Lace Bralette ♡ September 21st, 2016   

***** This is by far the comfiest bra I've ever worn. Vanessa was extremely helpful when it came to my sizing questions and she knocked it out of the park with the fit! 

   Victoria Silva on Babydoll Lingerie Set ♡ September 16th, 2016   

***** So dreamlike and pretty. Fits perfect. Thank you !


   Kristen on Daisy Jane Bralet ♡ September 2nd, 2016   

***** I have to say, this is the first underwire-free bra I've ever worn and I will NEVER GO BACK.  The material is breathable and soft, and the print looks just like pictured.  This can be worn as a bra or as a top (I styled it as a top on my blog:, so it's very versatile. I would definitely recommend getting this if you have a smaller cup size, I ordered the medium but I probably should have gotten the large (I'm a 34C), but it still fits really well despite the fact that I"m showing more cleavage than I originally intended (but I mean, is that a bad thing?)  I never once felt like my breasts were going to "fall out" and it kept the ladies in place. So worth the price, as it's well-tailored and a high-quality material.  My only regret is that I didn't purchase the matching panties! 10/10 would purchase again.

   Molly on Crimson Lace String Bikini ♡ August 20th, 2016   

***** OMG these are amazing! If I could, I'd wear them everyday. I ordered a size medium and it fits perfect. Usually I'm between medium or a large, but these fit beautifully! They don't even cut in. Love them!

   Molly on Vivianna Thong ♡ August 19th, 2016   

***** OMG this thong is so cute and actually affordable. I am so happy I purchased it! It's even comfy under jeans. I kind of thought the gathering of the fabric would look awkward under tight fitting clothing but it's not so bad. Now all I need is the sunflower thong haha!

   Molly on Sunflower Cotton Bralette ♡ August 19th, 2016   

***** I typically hate soft cup bras cause they offer no support and seem kind of pointless when you have boobs as big as mine. I kind of purchased this on a whim and I am so happy I did especially since it's limited edition. I ordered a size 2X and mine fits perfect. I was afraid my boobs would I guess just hang there but since this bra is made out of a non-stretchy fabric, my boobs get a little lift. I'd definitely recommend purchasing!

   Molly on Valentine String Bikini ♡ August 19th, 2016   

***** Holy moly, these knickers are seriously the next best thing. They make my bum look amazing! If I could, I'd have these in a million different colors. I seriously want to wear them everyday haha.

   Molly on Ramona Harness ♡ August 19th, 2016   

***** By far one of the most amazing accessories I own. The photos don't do this product justice. The elastic is seriously so soft, maybe one of the softest highest quality elastics I ever came across. I love to wear my harness under maxi dresses or loose tops.It's so comfy you can wear it all day! 

   Jonathan Fogel on Navy Lace Bralette ♡ August 18th, 2016   

***** Thank you!

   Meileena on Ramona Harness Lingerie Set ♡ August 10th, 2016   

***** I took the plunge and purchased this amazing lingerie set - and honestly - it's added SO Much spice to my already vibrant lingerie wardrobe - I am completely satisfied and incredibly impressed with the comfort of this set and how it forms around my curves. Basically a jaw dropping moment for my boyfriend when he first saw me in this - AH! And every time he sees me in this. I NEED THIS IN WHITE AND RED AND PINK AND ANY POSSIBLE COLOR! Babeliest set for babes ever made.

   Meileena on Crimson Lace Lingerie Set ♡ August 10th, 2016   

***** I LOVE White clothing - but I especially love white lingerie. The pieces are literally AS STUNNING as portrayed in the photos - and I am completely satisfied with this set. I love the lace front of the string bikini and the mesh back with the line down my bottom and the sweet bow on top. The lace garter belt is SO comfortable and the bralette actually holds up my DDD breasts - and the adjustable straps are such a plus! not to mention the double straps of the bralette and of the string bikini - cute cute details! 

   Meileena on Crimson Lace Full Cup Bra ♡ August 10th, 2016   

***** This is honestly my favorite full cup underwire bra ever. Honestly - I want this in any color possible. I'd love 7 of them so I can wear this bra every day. It's soo comfortable for work - and so sexy for - sex! Lol I'm completely in love with it. I'm a 32-34 DDD and this Bra is literally a full bust girl's dream. I love wearing it under dresses wear it's peeks out, OR under the Ramona Mesh Crop Top were it's completely visible. MUST BUY.

   Meileena on Fawn Lace Lingerie Set ♡ August 10th, 2016   

***** It was the Fawn collection that made me fall completely in love with Alexandrea Anissa. I adored this lace and mesh set so much that my first order consisted of this full set in black and in red. The garter skirt really won my heart - in photos and in person. I dream of doing a shoot in the black Fawn set in a dreary cemetery around Halloween time. In the red, I feel completely myself - the Queen of Hearts that I am. This set is so comfortable and the underwire bra is so beautiful - especially with the unique and stunning straps. And the panty - I can wear these all day and I wish to have enough to wear them everyday. I also got this set custom made in a baby pink. The designer hand dyes the red and pinks and gets the colors soooo perfectly!

   Sacha Kimmes on Fawn Mesh Garter Skirt ♡ July 30th, 2016   

***** Beautifully made, I haven't got a chance to rock it yet but can't wait!

   Sacha Kimmes on Fawn Lace Bralette ♡ July 30th, 2016   

***** I have this bralette in XS and wear it super often, I love it, it's super comfy yet utterly pretty!

   Kelley on Crimson Lace Bra ♡ July 9th, 2016   

***** I was so lucky enough to win this bra in a give away and I just opened it up, its so cute and soft, easily the comfiest thing i own, I do wish it had a little more support so smaller boobs might benefit a little better than bigger ones but still soso cute very happy thank you so much<3

   Beth on Ramona Frame Bra ♡ June 30th, 2016   

***** Beautifully made, comfortable, and super sexy. I also really appreciated the hand written note included!

   Technicolor on Fawn Mesh Panty ♡ May 18th, 2016   

***** This style has the best silhouette out of any bottoms I own. The cut boasts just the right amount of cheekiness and the fully mesh back is also super flattering. The size chart is spot on and color is really vibrant, true to the product photos. Also, it's just as cute as it is comfortable. <3

   Technicolor on Fawn Lace Bralette ♡ May 18th, 2016   

***** I'd been lusting after this bralette for ages and it was everything I'd hoped it would be. The fit is flattering and true to size. The pink colorway is just gorgeous in person and really flattering against the skin - the product photos accurately portray just how vibrant it is. In addition, the construction is very tidy and top notch. All in all, it's a beautiful piece and it makes me feel like babe even when I'm down in the dumps.

   Stacey on Sheena Bralette - Dot Mesh ♡ April 19th, 2016   

***** I love this bralette so much! I also have the floral version and both are a dream. I was afraid they wouldn't fit my ample chest but I was relieved to see that not only did they fit but they also gave me enough lift. <3

   Jazmin on Sheena Bralette - Dot Mesh ♡ April 18th, 2016   

***** This bra is incredibly comfortable and doesn't have have any annoying clasps or wires which can dig into your skin. Its also easy to wear, just wear it like a halter top and  use the hook and loop to connect the ends which hug your waist.

   Orchid on Sheena Bralette - Dot Mesh ♡ April 15th, 2016   

***** Never believed there's something that would both look and feel good on the smallest size possible - and finally found it. :) The floral version is soft and weightless - I literally don't feel it. And I think I'll wear it as a top in summer. Ok, under a see-through sweater when family is around :P

   Emily on Crimson Lace String Thong ♡ April 12th, 2016   

***** The thing is so comfortable, and the straps have just enough stretch that they don't dig into my sides. Again, love the lace used and I couldn't be happier with my purchase. :gift_heart:

   Emily on Crimson Lace Garter Belt ♡ April 12th, 2016   

***** The pink lace that is used is honestly one of the most perfect pinks, everything is in amazing hand seen detail, and it's flawless! Fit is amazing and the garter straps are so soft and comfortable. Love it! 

   Emily on Crimson Lace Balconette Bra ♡ April 12th, 2016   

***** The detail of the bra are so wonderful. The lace is so soft and comfortable, and the fit is perfect! <3 I never want to take it off! 10 out of 10. 

   Vicky on Crimson Lace Balconette Bra ♡ April 6th, 2016   

***** Absolutely love this bra. I bought a cup size smaller as the stretch lace hugs my chest much more supportively and it was thanks to contacting Alexandrea Anissa that I ordered the right size for me. I highly recommend contacting her if any help is needed! This bra fits so well and the lace is to die for.

   Vicky on Crimson Lace String Bikini ♡ April 6th, 2016   

***** Soft, stretch lace that is so comfortable and a cut that flatters every area, the puckered seam on the back accentuates even the smallest bums, and the cut of the front paired with the thin straps softly accentuates curves, and feels beautifully feminine. 

   Luna Rose on Baby Blue Bralette ♡ March 25th, 2016   

***** Lovely seller, item is super cute as described except for small stain on the back.

   Lauren on Ramona Harness ♡ January 6th, 2016   

***** Beautiful, versatile piece that's quite comfy to wear. Have worn it upwards of 10 hours at a time with no problems. It's getting harder and harder to resist the rest of the line! One bit of sizing advice: Know your current measurements and choose the size according to your waist. I sized up expecting it to be snug, but it has plenty of room in the waist (the one measurement that isn't adjustable). 

   Jan on Ivy O-Ring Bandeau ♡ December 9th, 2015   

**** This bra is very well made and cute!  I do wish it was easier to get into, and I do wish I order the medium size.  I look forward to buying more lingerie from this lovely brand.

   Kiki House on Fawn Mesh Garter Skirt ♡ October 26th, 2015   

**** Okay I bought this garter to wear when I got to see my long distance boyfriend for the first time in months! The packaging was super cute (as it always is), and my only complaint is that I ordered a size M and it was still a little too tight for me. I'm a size 4/6 but I also have a short abdomen and no hourglass shape, lol. I ended up not wearing it for my big date but I still love it and occasionally I will strut my stuff around my room with it on :) Would give 8.5/10 stars!<3

   Lola Isabel on Baby Blue Bralette ♡ October 23rd, 2015   

***** One of my new favorite designers. Great seller!

   Emily on Fawn Lace Bralette ♡ October 21st, 2015   

***** Beautiful!! Love love love it.

   Emily on Fawn Mesh Garter Skirt ♡ October 21st, 2015   

***** Beautiful!!!

   Justine on Fawn Lace Balconette Bra ♡ October 17th, 2015   

***** This balconette bra is so dreamy. When I saw the pictures of this I knew I had to have it. I love the style of the bra, the lace on the straps, and the bow and heart. I purchased this in my normal size and the fit was good except the cup was a little big. It's normal for me to not fill up the cup so I just went with it. Vanessa emailed me about a month later to ask me about the fit. She told me that another customer had contacted her about the cup and was wondering if I experienced the same thing. Vanessa was very kind. She offered to remake a new one for me and she offered to pay for the return shipping. I shipped it back to her and I received the new balconette bra and it fit absolutely perfect. I am in love and I am so happy with it. This set is so beautiful and I am so grateful that Vanessa was able to make the perfect fit. 

   Justine on Fawn Lace Bralette ♡ October 17th, 2015   

***** This bralette is perfect for wearing at home and wearing it out. I love the lace fabric. It is very beautiful and super dreamy. 

   Justine on Fawn Lace Skirted Thong ♡ October 17th, 2015   

***** I love the lace skirt part of the thong. It is very cute and flirty. The thong is very comfortable. I love wearing this with matching fawn lace bralette. 

   Jenna Louise on Misfit T-Shirt Shorts ♡ October 9th, 2015   

***** Product is on point. Extremely timely delivery. Beautiful, clean detail and craftsmanship. Excellent shipping care. Thank you

   Mina on Ramona Frame Bra ♡ August 26th, 2015   

***** I'm not disappointed at all.  I highly recommend this bra !

   Gemma on Ramona Mesh Crop Top ♡ August 24th, 2015   

***** Flawlessly made, just the right amount of stertch. Perfectly fitted for my petite size. Love it!!

   Gemma on Ramona Harness ♡ August 24th, 2015   

***** Super comfortable, perfect for pairing with other lingerie pieces or over tops

   Gemma on Ramona Frame Bra ♡ August 24th, 2015   

***** The most perfectly fitted bra i own. Perfect for layering, 10/10!!

   MissBree on Crimson Mesh Babydoll ♡ August 24th, 2015   

***** Loved this as a wedding gift. Fits perfect in all the right places and very comfortable fabric.  Looks very sexy. I cannot stress about how amazing the quality is of all these products!

   Brianna on Crimson Lace Cheeky Panty ♡ August 24th, 2015   

***** Very comfortable and the quality is unbelievable, feels very sturdy and won't come apart. Looks gorgeous also.

   Brianna on Crimson Lace Balconette Bra ♡ August 24th, 2015   

***** The quality is very good considering that it looks thin and delegate.  I would recommend this to everyone.

   Gillian on Crimson Lace Cheeky Panty ♡ August 24th, 2015   

***** So pleased with this purchase! I have the struggle of buying underwear that will fit at the waist but cuts in at the backside, the description is genuine when it says the fabric does not dig in as it really doesn't at all. It's so flattering and really gives you all the stretch you need. This babydoll set is by far the most amazing lingerie purchase I've ever made because the set is extremely beautiful looking and comfortable at the same time. Completely worth the money and would definitely give me confidence to purchase from here again!

   Gillian on Velvet Panty ♡ August 15th, 2015   

***** This bralette is even more beautiful in person, it's so soft and stretchy and the straps are easily adjustable for the desired fit. The mix of velvet and mesh is such a pretty combination and they are my favourite fabrics so I just had to purchase this as soon as I could, and the pink shade is absolutely gorgeous too. This bralette is so comfortable once I tried it on and I truly didn't want to take it off I could wear it all day. The little satin bows are such a cute touch and I felt instantly more confident in myself once I wore it. This is by far the best bra purchase I've ever made!

   Gillian on Velvet Longline Bralette ♡ August 15th, 2015   

***** I purchased this bra in its first form where it fit a bit small in the cup(I'm a 38C/36D depending) and was a mid line, had it resized with the new improved fit, and it is wonderful. There's enough room in the cups for me now yet has maintained a voluptuous look, the demi cut and placement of the straps help with that a lot. The improvement on the larger back clasp is great for my size and it is a comfortable bra. The flirty scalloped edges on the straps and cup are to die for.  Working and communicating with the designer is breezy, definitely would buy from her again.

   Anndrea V on Fawn Lace Balconette Bra ♡ August 14th, 2015   

***** I received this as a gift from my boyfriend.  I adore soft bras and this one is so comfy.  I love the details like the double strap and the scalloped trim. Nylon lace is my new favourite fabric.

   Marie-Claude on Crimson Lace Bra ♡ August 12th, 2015   

**** I received this as a gift from my boyfriend.  I adore soft bras and this one is so comfy.  I love the details like the double strap and the scalloped trim. Nylon lace is my new favourite fabric.

   Jeanine on Ramona High Waist Keyhole Mesh Panty ♡ August 11th, 2015   

***** Love love love this panty! Super soft mesh and love the keyhole detail!

   Jeanine on Ramona Harness ♡ August 11th, 2015   

***** Very comfortable and easily adjustable. Soft and one of my boyfriend's favorites! 

   Samantha on Double Strap Spiked Garter Set ♡ August 9th, 2015   

***** Perfect thanks!

   Sarah Casey on Ivy O-Ring Bandeau ♡ August 9th, 2015   

***** Very comfortable. Shipping times were accurate.

   Bexs Williams on Rose Garter Set ♡ August 9th, 2015   

***** I adore these garters they will look super nice with my black panda dress I have with my new hoodie too. Thank you for listening to my concerns as well that was very thoughtful. Will recommend you to friends.

   Anna Olivia on Fawn Lace Bralette ♡ August 9th, 2015   

***** Love it, thanks!

   Cindy Villanueva on Misfit T-Shirt Shorts ♡ August 9th, 2015   

***** Package arrived in a timely manner. Super cute! I love it! Thanks so much!

   Anndrea Villarreal on Fawn Mesh Panty ♡ July 10th, 2015   

***** The mesh is a dream. So soft and stretchy, feels amazing to the touch and was comfortable for daily wear. Love the way the firm lace accents the hips and the charm is so delightful. The silhouette was great, made my legs look longer and my butt perkier. This classic red really complimented my skin tone as well. Great quality, and non irritating tag. Would definitely buy again from this designer.

   Cindy Villanueva on Misfit T-Shirt Shorts ♡ June 26th, 2015   

***** Package arrived in a timely manner. Super cute! I love it! Thanks so much!

   Anna Olivia on Fawn Lace Bralette ♡ May 15th, 2015   

***** Thank you so much!

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