New YouTube Video: Studio Vlog #06


Alexandrea Anissa Studio Vlog Thumbnail

I am happy to announce my 6th studio vlog is officially live on my YouTube channel!! Click the link below to watch and subscribe.

Subscribe: Alexandrea Anissa YouTube Channel

Watch: Studio Vlog: 06 ♡ Production week for my made to order lingerie brand

If you don’t know what a studio vlog is, it’s basically a video blog of me working at home. There is a mix of chill music and me talking about my craft. In this week’s studio vlog; I cut, sew, pack, and ship March lingerie orders. I also did a bit of lingerie patternmaking, and got to sew with a new fabric.

If you enjoy watching my Instagram stories, you’ll love watching my vlogs. My vlogs give you an insight of what it’s like to run a made to order lingerie brand as a small one woman business. If you have any questions about my vlogs or YouTube channel just let me know in the comments below.

PS: I’m also wearing the Lola Top in dahlia lace with a pair of black high waist jeans in this thumbnail.

Shop: Lola Top - Dahlia Lace



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