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Alexandrea Anissa's 8 Reasons why you need to own a Wireless Bra


Whether you’re a fan of wireless bras or need an excuse to try one out for the first time, here’s 8 reasons why you need to own at least one: 

1. Fully adjustable straps that won't slip off your shoulders. I don’t know about you, but for me having fully adjustable straps on a bra, bodysuit or even a top is EXTREMELY important. Adjustable straps can make or break the fit of the garment - seriously! If you feel like your boobs are heavy, if you’re experiencing spillage or just not getting that lift that you need, fully adjustable straps can fix those minor fit issues. 

2. No hooks, clasps or wires offering maximum comfort for daily wear. Hell fucking yes! Whether you have no boobs, small boobs, one boob, two gigantic boobs (like me), boobs with milk or even fake boobs, I think we could all agree that we enjoy the occasional no bra or barely-there-acts-like-a-second-skin bra day. Sometimes the wires, hooks or boning can dig into your sides, and become seriously uncomfortable, so that’s when a wireless bra becomes your best friend. 

3. Unlined bra cups for natural shaping. Why is this important? Well I completely believe you should love and embrace your body as is. Whether your boob(s) are perky, round, side set, asymmetrical or whatever, unlined bra cups will love them and hug them just right. No front. Just you, that wireless bra and your boobs.

4. Non-itchy lace trims that prevent skin irritation or redness. Wouldn’t you hate spending a lot of money on a bra you hope to wear over and over to only discover the lace trim along the band, straps or cups itches the fuck out of you or becomes so uncomfortable it actually leaves your skin red. I know I would because sadly, it’s happened to me. This why I carefully source the lace I use for my all my Alexandrea Anissa Bras, making sure I offer cute and comfy styles you’ll actually want to wear all day.

5. Super stretchy elastic waistbands that don’t dig in and move with you. Lingerie is meant for everybody and every body. No two bodies are alike and not all bodies fit standard sizing. Typically, elastic can account for 5” - 10” extra inches of ease. Ease to slouch in, play around in, gain 5 pounds in, do a summer sult in and still not mother fucking cut in. Hallelujah!

6. Easily layers under or over your top drawer favorites. This is seriously amazing! You can purchase a wireless bra (with or without matching bottoms) and wear it with anything from your closet or your sister’s haha. I know some of you dislike the fact of buying a bra without any matching pieces but if you’re a babe on the budget, want to own a wireless bra and still look cute as fuck, sometimes you just got to fucking do it.

7. Doesn’t require intensive washing due to its unlined silhouette. I swear, every reason to own a wireless bra keeps getting better and better. I think I can speak for most of us when I say we don’t ALWAYS have time to machine or hand wash our pretty underpinnings. Shit takes time and you got to do it right, especially if that one piece of lingerie means a lot to you or it’s just so damn delicate. Owning a wireless bra you can wear over and over like your favorite t-shirt is seriously the next best thing. 

8. Available in sizes XXS - 2X or bra sizes 30B - 38D. With a large size range available via Alexandrea Anissa and a few other shops, wearing a wireless bra is NOT limited too babes with teeny tiny boobs. Although recommended for cup sizes A - DD, you still have the option to wear whatever the fuck you want and look good doing it. Being a 36F myself, I prefer wireless bras that have wide straps, a wide waistband and that slightly stretch. When I am wearing a wireless bra I am not looking for support, just something that's cute and comfy. 

Crimson Mesh Bralette x Crimson Lace String Bikini

Wireless bras can be excellent alternatives to underwire bras whether you’re petite, plus size, have sensitive boobs, special needs or just want something without a wire. If you loved this post and are eager to learn more about wireless bras or lingerie in general, be sure to follow Lingerie 101 over on my Pinterest. This board is updated daily, and includes everything you should or want to know about lingerie.

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